Collection: The Ballhawk Football - “The New Jug Machine” Throw & Catch Football Trainer Adult Size

A 2 in 1 Detachable Football: Straps to any stable & secured object. When thrown the elastic rope expands and causes the football to spiral back to the user. The user catches it and repeats; Designed to develop and improve passing and catching abilities, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, reaction timing, catching skills, and strengthens your hands allowing you to make tougher combated catches. Easily detach the elastic rope to regularly use the football for other workouts/drills. FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE. Includes drawstring carrying bag, Replacement elastic rope in the unlikely case of an elastic rope snapping.

Quarterbacks - Utilize the Ballhawk football to stimulate muscle memory, Practice throwing spirals, Warming up your arm, Practice throwing without laces, Improve your throwing motion, and building arm strength.

Running Backs - Become a two-dimensional athlete by improving your catching skills out the backfield. The Ballhawk football is a great tool to improve your receiving skills as well as utilizing the football for other footwork and ball security drills. 

Wide Receivers - Take your game to the next level! We challenge you to make 100 catches per day from all directions. The Ballhawk football will improve your catching, build finger and hand strength, improve your hand-eye coordination, increase your reaction time, and develop your ball awareness skills.

Linebackers/Cornerbacks/Safeties - BECOME A BALLHAWK! Improve your ball awareness and reaction times with the Ballhawk football to prepare you for real game-like scenarios. We challenge you as well to make 100 catches per day to build your finger and hand strength and improve your catching skills to start making plays on the ball. Anchor the strap to a higher point and highpoint the football as it spirals back to you. 

 Centers - We didn't forget about you. Anchor the Strap to a low point, get in a three-point stance, and practice your snap, with practice you will begin to snap perfect spirals with improved accuracy.

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  • The Ballhawk Football - “The New Jug Machine” Throw & Catch Football Trainer Adult Size
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